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Are You Keeping Up With The Rise Of Video?

We all know that video is the most effective way to reach your audience and generate more sales. According to Unbounce, brands that use video improves conversion rates by over 80%, and can be used to explode your brand awareness, for product videos, to boost SEO, and improve engagement on ads (just to name a few!).  

Without high-quality video content, businesses struggle to keep up with competitors, reach their target audiences, and generate sales.

So if you think you can survive without video content, think again.

Any business owner or marketer who wants to grow their business needs to know how to make high-quality video content. Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Youtube - every platform your customers use the most is dominated by video content.

Social media is the cheapest way to reach your audience, and video content is the number one way to generate sales. So if you don’t have great video content, you’re starting behind the pack.

It Just Takes One Good Video To Make Your Brand Go Viral, Or Explode Your Sales…

One great video could be the difference between your business getting a couple of new customers or thousands of new customers.

However, hiring a videographer is expensive and risky, because they will never understand your brand the same way you do.


Module One:


  • Decide what videos to create for your brand
  • Which video platform is best for you
  • Budgeting and the scale of your job
  • How to create a video strategy to sell your product or service
  • Importance of your brand aesthetic and emotion
  • Types of set-ups and shots
  • Ratios you need to consider

Module Two + Three: Pre-Production and Capture

  • How to create a storyboard
  • How to create a shot list
  • A breakdown of industry gear (incl. my favorites)
  • How to choose and work with your crew
  • The importance and how to select a location
  • How to create a schedule for your shoot
  • How to create a call sheet
  • The ULTIMATE pre-production checklist
  • Shoot day success!

Module Four + Five:

Post Production and Video Launch

  • The best software to create great videos
  • Where to source music
  • How to export in various ratios
  • Editing best practices
  • How to edit video on an iPhone
  • How to edit in iMovie, Premiere Pro, and Final Cut
  • My best kept secrets in editing
  • How to place logos, overlays, and titles to convert sales
  • Editing in Instagram AND Tik Tok!
  • Measuring your video success!

Everyones favouring video!

  • All your social media platforms are favouring video posts. We heard from Instagram recently they are “No longer a photosharing app. Video is driving an immense amount of growth on the major platforms right now.” Other platforms are following suit! 

Video statistics are through the roof!

  • Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in the text.
  • Including a video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by up to 80%
  • Video acquires more qualified leads for businesses!

People are buying directly from video!

  • E-commerce and service-based transactions are all happening on mobile
  • The quality you’re able to achieve with no equipment at all has won Oscar nominations! 

You can do it all on your smartphone!

  • Not limited to your iPhone model, you could create videos using an iPhone 3 if you wanted to! 
  • Everything you need is already in your hands.
Grow My Business With Video

How You Can Start Creating High Converting, Branded Videos For Your Business...

Do you need high-quality video content to promote your brand, but don’t want to pay expensive videographer fees?

“Video That Sells” is the step-by-step system that shows you exactly how to create amazing video content, without the need for any equipment, and with no budget. From concept creation to preparation, to shooting and then editing, Arielle Thomas takes you through each step so you can start creating dynamite video content that will grow your business.

Arielle Thomas has helped the biggest brands in the world like Kmart, Ford, and Holiday Inn generate millions in sales from video content, and now she is sharing her secrets with you. Learn how to grab your audience’s attention, position your brand, and convert viewers into customers.

With this new course, you receive a proven step-by-step blueprint to video content creation that you can copy and paste to start generating more sales immediately. Forget about hiring a videographer or wasting money on fancy equipment, and start making sales using the camera on your phone!

About Your Instructor 


Arielle is one of the most sought after content directors in the country. She's worked with publications Vogue, Russh, T Magazine Australia and Gritty Pretty as well as brand Kmart, Ford, Holiday Inn, Sheet Society, Georg Jensen, La Mer, Ovolo Hotels, Viktoria and Woods, Scanlan Theodore, Bassike, Fashion Weeks across Australia  and many many more! 

Arielle's unique ability to work for brands as both a filmmaker and a marketer is unparalleled when it comes to sales and video output. Her own production company Cinema Thom produces content with budgets of all sizes, and can't wait to teach you her formulas!

How this new course can help you:

  •  Learn how to “stop the scroll” and get more people clicking your videosGet proven templates to recreate for your brand
  • Use consumer psychology to connect with your audience
  • Follow step-by-step guides from start to finish on how to make professional standard videos
  • How to convey engaging messaging, frame shots, use lighting, and edit
  • Never run out of ideas for your content
  • Save thousands of dollars you would have spent on hiring someone to make your content
  • Present your brand how you want to and engage new customers
Let’s Make Videos That Sell My Products

Who is This For?

Ecommerce Stores, Small Business, Brands With A Small Budget...

Are you a small business owner who knows the importance of high-quality video content in marketing, but you don’t have the budget to hire a videographer?

 Or have you recently started a new online business but you don’t know how to make video content that will sell your products?

Maybe you’re a small business owner with an online store and a great product, but you don’t know how to create engaging content that will sell it?

 Do you know how you want your brand to appear, but you need help with creating content that speaks to your target audience?

 Yes? This course is for you.

People who need to upskill

Are you an in-house marketer that needs to upskill in video content creation?

Do you work in a job where you’re expected to know how to create professional standard video content?

Do you or your staff need to learn how to make engaging video content for social media platforms?

Do you need to consistently make video content, but don’t have the budget to hire someone to do it?

This course shows you exactly how to create professional and high-converting video content.

Yes? This course is for you.

What do you get when you
buy “Video That Sells”?

Lifetime Access

- 5 Modules containing 30 Chapters that give you a proven step-by-step blueprint for creating quality video content.

Industry-Leading Expertise and Secrets

- Get Arielle’s tricks and tips that she uses when creating video content for businesses like The Sheet Society and Viktoria + Woods.

Successful Templates You Can Copy

- Proven examples of video content that generate millions in sales, and how to recreate them.

Checklists, workbooks, and to-do lists

- Checklists and workbooks for everything you need when creating simple but effective video content.

BONUS ($999 option)

A one-to-one session with Arielle where she will create a personalised video strategy for your business that would normally cost thousands of dollars in service fees.

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  • Instant lifetime access to 30 chapters!
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook Community
  • Access to all our production templates and workbooks! 
  • Industry discounts! 
  • A 60 minute video strategy coaching session with Arielle to skyrocket your product or service! 

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